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Art For Conservation

Species and environmental conservation is, perhaps aside from terrorism, the greatest conflict of our generation. Which is way we need a new force; art for conservation. We are all involved in it as losing the fight would mean defeat for all of us. The stakes are high – and that’s been made abundantly clear.

            But not everyone’s listening. In my views some environmental agencies and movements are being too hardline, too militant and dogmatic in their approach. They are terrifying the neutral, the man on the street. So I think we need to inject a dose of beauty into the struggle.

            Sir David Attenborough and Jane Goodall have done this for decades with their fieldwork and natural history programmes, each one a masterpiece of our time. He inspires people to care about the world, to admire it, be inspired by it, and then the corollary will follow: if the world is so admirable and inspiring then we should fight for it.

            That’s the kind of fight I’m picking with my art. I want to use my art to elicit the beauty of the natural world. To bring it to people’s attention, to make them care. Convert the masses through art and then, perhaps, change will follow. So in my art I paint portraits and scenes of endangered animals like kakapos, polar bears and wandering albatrosses. I want people to feel as close to them, as inspired, as people did in the Renaissance when they looked at a portrait of the virgin or the apostles. My art is a Muse-gilded militancy.

Below are the current paintings for sale for conservation. Reasonable offers also accepted.


Art for Conservation - Albatross

Laysan Waltz

The unique mating display dance of the Laysan Albatross on a stretch of sand on Midway Island. The birds spend many months apart wandering across the open ocean, to be reunited for mating and raising their next generation. Their dance is beautiful choreographed and effortlessly synchronised, a true spectacle of nature.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this painting and prints will be donated to the Foundation for Antarctic Research.

Painting Details

Medium: Oils on Canvas

Dimensions: 60 x 80cm

Price: €450

Art for Conservation - Kakapo

Night Parrots

A large oil painting featuring three Kakapo chicks peeping out from the glow of the gorgeous milky way.

A percentage of proceeds from the sale of this painting will be donated to Kakapo Recovery.

Painting Details

Medium: Oils on Canvas

Dimensions: 60 x 90cm

Price: €450