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Chloe Waterfield Wildlife Artist

I can safely say that I cite the work of naturalist David Attenborough as my single biggest influence and inspiration as a painter.

Born in the UK, I was always a keen dabbler in paint; mostly coming up with watercolour book covers for the stories myself and my twin sister used to write. I was also an avid writer of poetry and short stories. But my own personal art evolution happened when I moved to the island of Malta in 2003.

For the first few years I mostly stuck to writing and was working on developing a more distinct style, whilst divulging into my inspiration; nature. It was only in 2008 that I discovered oil painting and started using this as my primary painting medium. Since then I have focused on developing a style through the creation of paintings in a series, starting with my Palaeolithic Art inspired works which I refer to as my ‘Solutrean Style‘. After this, I moved on to newer series, developing more Expressionist-inspired paintings strongly spurred on by the works of Franz Marc. I also began to produce paintings of Endangered Peoples, and more recently a series combining the natural world with the galaxies, the cosmos and the universe – Cosmic Nature.

Wildlife, the natural world and colour are all the driving forces behind my work; to capture a distinct moment in time, a distinct emotion of an animal, a time, a place, a feeling.

My oil paintings have had the privilege of being exhibited in collective and solo exhibitions both in Malta and internationally. One of my signature pieces ‘The Solutrean Expression’ – an adaptation of Palaeolithic cave art, was exhibited in the ‘Traces of Life’ juried art exhibition in Illinois, USA in 2014.

I have painted numerous commissions for clients in Malta, the UK, USA and South Africa. Chloe accepts painting commissions of pet portraits, animals, children and babies in oils, acrylics and watercolours.

Art For Conservation

I am a firm believer in conservation optimism.  Through my wildlife paintings I aim to raise awareness of environmental issues, extinctions and habitat loss, without being dictatorial or finger-pointing. As an artist, I want to show people what they are missing, to feel the subjects within the painting and to gain a new appreciation of the world around them. Only with this knowledge and appreciation can there be positivism and productivity.

I also sell original oil paintings directly via this website, with the proceeds being donated to international conservation projects including the Kakapo Recovery and The Foundation for Antarctic Research.


Art Exhibitions Malta

2017 – ‘Animals’ Online Art Show, Colors of Humanity Gallery, USA
28th April – 31st May 2017 – Cavalieri Art Hotel Collective Art Exhibition

February 2017 – AMA Ortigia, Syracuse, Sicily
2016 – ‘Animals’ Online Art Show, Colors of Humanity Gallery, USA
2015 – The Cavalieri Arts Expression, The Cavalieri Art Hotel, Malta
2015 – SHOUT (Spring Hunting Out) Art Exhibition, Din L-Art Helwa, Malta
2014 – ‘Traces of Life’ Juried Art Show, Arterie Fine Arts, USA
2014 – ‘The Living World’ Art Exhibition, Le Meridien, Malta
2014 – The Palace Hotel Exhibition, Malta
2013 – ‘The Art Instinct’ Exhibition, Cavalieri Art Hotel, Malta
2012 – Bay Street Art Festival, Malta
2011 – The Dolmen Arts Expression, The Dolmen Hotel, Malta
2010 – Touchstone Gallery Opening Night and Exhibition, Touchstone Gallery, Malta