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From the moment Chloe Jayne Waterfield discovered the wonders of the night sky, she was instantly charmed. The breath-taking softness and elegance of the stellar forms, coupled with the richness of hues, was an addition to her palette that she couldn’t resist. A fascination for light and shadow took hold and came to life in a series of watercolour and oil paintings, titled Cosmic Nature.

The subject matter is simple, stripped down to the bare essentials – the play of the colours of light, and the essence of the animals in the painting. Each piece is an homage to the night sky as much as it is to the species within it. The interplay of cloud and stars creates a unique and bold background that blurs the boundary between the real and the imaginary.

Chloe seeks to capture both the drama and delicacy of the night sky simultaneously, through soft brush-strokes and carefully structured compositions. The forms of the animals in the paintings fit comfortably into their starry cocoon, even though the coming together of the two in nature may be unlikely. The paintings are a blend of the artist’s dreamlike fantasies and her solid connection to all things nature.

The constellations of stars, galaxies and planets are held together by the same forces of nature that bind all plants, animals and humans. Every corner of the sky provides a unique perspective; a different outlook of our home and its place in the universe. The Cosmic Nature series is an extension of the wonders of space, light and time. The animals depicted in this series may be very different; from fat, flightless and endangered kakapo in New Zealand, to herds of African elephants, great wanderers like the albatross, but they are all united by the same biology, the same genes, and ultimately, the same struggles in our ever-expanding human universe.


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