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Project Description

About the Painting

The story of the axolotl is not unique to the natural world, but it is truly fascinating. The axolotl, Mexican salamander or Mexican walking fish, is a neotenic salamander that becomes an adult and reaches sexual maturity without undergoing any biological changes or metamorphosis. In effect, axolotls don’t suffer the hangups of puberty. This state is known as ‘neotany’ and is a trait that we’ve artificially bred into our domestic dogs and cats; think about those round heads, over sized eyes and features – remind you of a human baby? It’s no coincidence.

I talk about neotany and childhood in this blog post.

Painting Details

Medium: Oils on Canvas

Dimensions: 40 x 60cm

Price: €300

Ready to take this painting home? Enquiries may come to me.

Axolotl Salamander Oil Painting