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Project Description

About the Painting

Life at Last Light represents the resilience and adaptability of the raven to an urban environment. Ravens are highly intelligent, sociable, and highly adaptable, but even with their skills, life in an urban environment is tough, from winging your way through glass disorienting skyscrapers to traffic, pollution and an unhealthy and unnatural diet.

As a British ex-pat living in Malta I know what it’s like to have to adapt to a new environment. Many people around the world today are having to learn to do the same. Birds do it too, think of sparrows, pigeons, and in this case, the raven; they have adapted to an entirely alien environment: the human city. They’ve not only adapted but they’ve made themselves integral to it. This painting always makes me feel hopeful.

Read more about the making of this painting on my blog.

Painting Details

Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas

Dimensions: 60 x 80cm


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